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There's a Bear in the Hood!

Summer 2017 Its been a fast paced busy one for us in Big Sky! With an average of 3000 guests staying with us from June-August we are not in short supply of amazing experiences and silly stories!

This summer in particular we have had one pesky little black bear causing some concern to some of our renters and home owners on the mountain.

We all know bears are drawn to the scent of food and of course rotting food in garbage cans. Thankfully we have "bear proof" outdoor cans to prevent the bears from actually making a huge mess of the trash.
Before I go to off topic I'd like to add just because the garbage can is "bear proof" that certainly doesn't stop them from trying to get them open! In fact they will go to extremes to get their paws on that sticky gross garbage!

For the sake of the story lets call our little friend, Smokey. Now Smokey is a 2 or 3 year old black bear, he's not the biggest we've ever seen but nonetheless can still be as terrifying.


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